You Made My Day - Linktree

You Made My Day

1 You Made My Day (Single)

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Prisoner Of Time - Linktree

Prisoner of Time
feat. PR8werk

1 Prisoner of Time feat. PR8werk (Single)

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Human Machine Love - Linktree

Human Machine Love

1 Digital Dreams
2 Beyond Data
3 I Love My Robot
4 Human Machine Love
5 Paired With Human Operator
6 Interactions
7 Machine Beings
8 Hypersonic
9 Forbidden Instruction

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Forbidden Instruction - Linktree

Forbidden Instruction

1 Forbidden Instruction (Single Edit)

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Forbidden Instruction Video
(Album Version)


Heromo Deuce does not define himself as an artist through his real identity but creates it through his music. His debut "Human Machine Love" is therefore the complex result of his passion for music of all kinds. Especially influences of Synthpop at the beginning of the 80's as well as drum and bass, big beat and downbeat are unmistakable. Playing piano and classical guitar in his youth encouraged him to write his own songs early on. Right from the start, the focus was always on expressing his own emotions through melodies. After producing by several artists and a longer creative break, he can now celebrate his first solo debut with satisfaction, a moving collection of tracks that focuses on the current theme of human-machine interaction. The all encompassing thing is love, which is in everything Heromo Deuce creates.


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